About Aunt Gladys’ Attic by SerStyle

About Aunt Gladys’ Attic by SerStyle

How We Started

Started in 2017, Aunt Gladys Attic by SerStyle was created to help sell our Aunt Gladys’ vintage items. We did not want to see trashed when she was no longer able to live on her own.  We decided to create an online estate sale to help find new homes for her items.  Since then we have cultivated a unique assortment of vintage and modern items from estate sales to sell online.  With our online platform, Aunt Gladys’ Attic is able to reach customers all over the globe and find the right buyer for all of these fun and unique pieces.

Vintage Appreciation

We appreciate vintage items for their beauty and history.  As we find more items to fill our online store, we research them.  We want to know their back story and where they came from.  We have learned about old department stores, artists, and once thriving companies that have been almost forgotten.  Learning about these back stories is a great deal of fun for us. We enjoy sharing this knowledge with our customers and anyone that asks!

Our Selling Goal

We have given each item a price.  However, we want our items to find their way into loving homes.  We have added a “Make An Offer” to every item.  The purpose of the button is to allow our customers to negotiate easily with us.  Aunt Gladys’ Attic wants our customers to utilize that option.  Even if customers feel their offer is low, we encourage them to submit it.  We will either accept their offer right away or send a counter offer and negotiate the price.

Why is everything in our estate sale, not an antique or vintage?

When we started, everything we had was from the early 1900’s to mid century.  As we progressed though we started to find more modern items that we wanted to offer.  We take pride in curating a unique and varied collection for our estate sale.  While we love to offer a varied collection our heart will always be in vintage and those items will always take priority.


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